Harri ja Eneken

About Us

Supervalem.ee was created by Harri and Eneken Lumiste. Supervalem.ee was born out of practical necessity.


I have been an entrepreneur since 1997. Creating a financial income for myself is elementary. However, the realisation of the importance of passive income only came a few years ago and I made my first share purchases in January 2020. I like and am interested in the world of shares, it's my favourite hobby next to archaic woodwork. Self-learning and keeping up to date with information is a matter of course.

We are both in our mid-40s and the goal of investing is to generate sufficient passive income in our 60s. This has influenced our choice of investment strategy. We choose stocks with good dividend and growth potential and low risk.

Harri Lumiste

I had pension funds from before, I bought my first shares in January 2020. I have a degree in banking and experience as a business manager. But I don't want to put a lot of my free time into reading company reports or stock market announcements. At the same time, I would like to base my purchase on economic analysis. And since Harri's hobby is stock investing, I used to turn to him every month because he was able to calculate various indicators and scores (discounted cashflow, Piotrosky F-score, etc.): "Listen, what are the 3-5 stocks that are good to buy right now?". And then, looking at those 3-5 companies, I made my decision.

When Harri introduced the Magic Formula and I had seen the amount of time he put into it, it occurred to me - this spreadsheet should be shared with others, there is no point in someone spending time again to achieve the same result.

Eneken Lumiste